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Fun On Phoenix Freeway And On/Off Ramps

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]f you are anything like me, you love to get in your car and take a nice random adventure cruise at night. With summer right around the corner, the temperatures are perfect out during the evening to cruise with your windows down. Usually I try and find a nice road that leads me to the middle of nowhere and gives me the ability to be one with my car and not worry about anyone else on the road. However, recently I have been cruising around the Phoenix area freeways late at night when the traffic is a bit slower and I can still get some fun time in my car among the city lights. The freeway system in Arizona is more unique than anywhere I have been due to the way its built. The whole system inter-connects.

Upon my never ending quest for fun, I have cruised in and around the city, on the loop based freeway system. Upon doing so, I have located some amazing areas involving the on and off ramps that I really like to drive now. Areas that are prone to giving me goosebumps and a smile on my face while traversing in my respectfully modded 2002 WRX.

The 60 East to 101 North and also the 60 West to 101 South. Both have nice tight left handers that will really make you feel the G-forces if taken at a decent speed. Don’t speed carelessly here though or you will end up in the wall with all the other cars. Evident by the tire marks on the walls.

Want a nice long right hander though? Try driving the 60 East to the 101 South. This route brings you under a very small tunnel on a long straight then into a sweeping right hander on your way to Chandler.

Speaking of straights, Want a decently long straight? Hit up the HOV lane going from the 51 to the I-10. This long straight will slingshot you on to the I-10. But, be warned, its not for lowered car. There is a nice sized 1 foot bump or drop on part of the bridge connection. Although, for me, and my vehicle this is the most enjoyable part. Also pay attention to traffic when merging onto the I-10’s HOV lane. The merge lane is extremely short for some reason.

The 60 West to McClintock Exit is always a fun one if you have a passenger. I act like my breaks are failing when they don’t pay attention, while I’m exiting on McClintock, then I don’t slow down at all. When they start getting really nervous thats the point where you get right back on the 60 freeway. This will get them every time. It’s a fun little prank to freak people out. However the only way to really pull it off is when there is hardly any traffic.

If you happen to be picking someone up from the airport or you, yourself are going out of town. The Sky Harbor exit from the 202 is bound to make you smile. It’s pretty much a full circle of fun. Which lands you right at the terminal selections and parking garages. Another fun loop like this would be the 143 South to 10 East, its a fun spiral of an on ramp.

One of my all time favorite on ramps is heading West on Broadway Road in Tempe and hoping on the I-10 West. I don’t know what it is about this on ramp but every time it just makes me feel like a race car driver.

Want to hear that exhaust of yours rumble? I mean come on who doesn’t? Skip any and all exits on this one, and hit up the Papago Freeway Tunnel (better known as the Deck Park Tunnel) on I-10, that travels underneath Downtown Phoenix between North 3rd Avenue and North 3rd Street.

I am very aware that this in no way is a complete list of these kind of things around this valley city of ours, but more of a short and fun starter guide. As I encourage you to have the fun factor in your car too, go out there and discover your own gems as I cant give all of Phoenix’s freeway surprises away.

As always though please be safe.


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