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SEMA Spotted: Functionality

[dropcap style=”style1″]S[/dropcap]EMA is full of every type of vehicle and after market part that you can imagine, some built purely for looks, others for speed, and even the off-roading lifestyle.
However, something caught my eye on a this little Jeep that I spotted off in the distance in the South Hall today. There was a protruding red beam sticking up from the side of it that intrigued me. I couldn’t resist. I had to find out exactly what this thing is.
jeep2Upon inspection I found out that this is a 1946 WILLYS CJ-2A Farm Jeep. It has a front PTO winch and engine driven air compressor, a welding unit in the passenger seat area, and a side arm mower bar at the drivers side, which is what originally caught my eye.
The Farm Jeep also has a rear towing boom and a Newgren buzz saw with a table. For stability and traction while working out on the farm it features dual tires in the front and rear.
Willys Farm Jeeps were among the first to be released to the public. They were designed to be used as work horses post World War II. It was certainly refreshing to see something with so much functional use amongst all the glitz and glam.

Photography by Matthew Harris

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