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From your garage to the track, McLaren plans world domination with the P1 GTR.

From your garage to the track, McLaren plans world domination with the P1 GTR.

By Brian Brawley


Some of you may remember back in 1995, a little company known as McLaren moped up the 24 hours of LeMans with their F1 GTR race car. Based off the legendary F1 road car, the GTR took victory from the hands of the most dedicated prototype cars. It took the race in first, third, fourth, fifth, and thirteenth, and proved what sheer mechanical engineering could achieve. In recent years though, McLaren has been a little absent. That’s entirely about to change as the GTR legend is about to rise once again from the ashes. Will it carry the same prestige and stigma the F1 managed to hold for so many years?

The new P1 super car is far removed from its F1 predecessor. It shares as much mechanical engineering as a hammer does to a nuclear warhead. Possessing 903bhp through its gasoline/electric hybrid drivetrain, the P1 brings the peak of modern technology to create what is considered the most capable road car on the market today. That makes things really interesting, as the F1 was designed strictly as a road car and transitioned to racing very well, but will the P1 deliver? McLaren claims that the new GTR will boast a combined 986bhp, retaining its 3.8 liter V8, and more than enough aero keep it shiny side up.


McLaren intends the P1 GTR to be the best drivers track car in the world to compliment the P1’s title of best drivers road car. This means low splitters that won’t clear your neighborhood speed bumps, and non-road legal slick tires for the upmost grip. It’s unannounced whether the P1 GTR will retain turn signals like the F1 GTR did, though McLaren states it’s “track only.” Taking a page straight from Ferrari, the P1 GTR will cost double a P1 at $3.36 Million, and only available for sale to P1 owners. McLaren also offers with purchase, a little program not limited to private consultations with McLaren driver-fitness team, and design director, Frank Stephenson. Access to official McLaren racing simulators, and at least six drive events on certain Formula One tracks are also bundled in, making it nice to know that it isn’t just the phone companies who like to bundle. The P1 GTR package deal will debut not a moment before the 375th road-going P1 rolls off the assembly line, but McLaren plans to unveil the “latest track-focused” model this coming Friday the 27th at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Sounds suspiciously like the GTR will be fluttering its majestic wings very shortly.

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