Geneva International Auto Show 2017

The Geneva International Auto Show is in its 87th run this year.  During the show, auto manufactures large and small released upon the world a teaser of the many new and exciting car models we will see for the rest of 2017 and the following year. Ranging from the mild family sedan to the boldest of super cars, the latter generally stealing the spotlight and gracing the dreams and passion of nearly every teenager worldwide from bedroom posters to trapper keepers.

So what exactly is the Geneva International Auto Show one may ask? Well for eighty-seven consecutive shows, it has been a gathering for every single automotive manufacturer in the known history of man. It matters not whether their automobiles come from a shed or a multi-billion dollar factory, any car can make an impact if bold or innovative enough. Located in Geneva Switzerland, bordering France, it is one of the if not THE largest annual auto show worldwide. This year was no exception with the display and range of innovative and sheer jaw-dropping automotive erotica. Here are two large contenders.

Renault Alpine

Stand 4242, Renault Alpine A110:

Speaking of automotive erotica, Alpine, teamed with Renault, finally ended the world’s longest case of concept car blue balls with a raging motorsport erection and unveiled what looks to be the nearly production ready A110. It’s the throwback to the car that dominated Rally in the late 60’s and 70’s in a way that would make Audi and Subaru blush.  Armed with an aluminum body and chassis, a mid mounted 1.8 producing a turbine assisted 250bhp, and a dual clutch transmission of the seven-speed variety, and less than 2,400 pounds to carry around this little bastard will be kicking the Alfa Romeo 4C ass in Europe and Japan but not America only.  

Stand 5030, RUF CTR:

If it looks like a Porsche, sounds like a Porsche, drives like a Porsche… It’s still not a Porsche. For the thirty-year anniversary of what is one of my most personal favorite cars of all time, RUF, the infamous manufacturer who makes their own production cars based off of Porsche bodies, blew our minds with this absolute gem. This fine work of amazing is a full carbon fiber re-imagining of the narrow body RUF CTR Yellowbird.


When they say not a single part used to construct this car has a Porsche stamp on it, they really do mean it. Analog to the core, this perfect feat of automotive pornography is made of the hopes and dreams of the future. Rear engine, rear drive, manual transmission, low weight, terrifying power, minimalist interior, and needle gauges! So let’s compare to the original CTR. The new car outputs 700 bhp and 649 lb-ft of torque to the old car’s 469 bhp and 408 lb-ft.  0-62 mph for the new car is 3.5 seconds to the old car’s 4.0 seconds to 60 mph. Top speed is 225 mph to the old but impressive 211 mph. If anything these numbers only re-enforce how amazing the original 1987 car was. Unlike the tease of that silly Alpine, this car can be had in the US to the tune of $792,000.

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