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Goodspeed Performance Lab


GoodSpeed Performance Lab

Photos and written by RJ Lane

Joe Morell and Jon Firpach are car enthusiasts that saw a hole in the auto aftermarket and performance game. They started GoodSpeed Performance Lab with the principal of providing the auto enthusiast a knowledgeable and trusted environment to get aftermarket performance work done. The goal was to offer their clients the kind of value and service that most other industries provide. In the performance auto world there are many levels of “shops” from I know this guy that works out of his garage to we need to charge so much that value isn’t even considered any more due to overhead. GoodSpeed does everything in house, except bodywork, to aid in keeping their costs down for the consumer. They also provide information, bordering on a cars 101 class level of education; to the customer before, during, and after the building process to include the customer and increase the excitement of the total experience.

The first step to providing this level of service is getting the shop set up right, meaning no shortcuts can be taken. They started by getting one of the best quality dynos on the market today and did their homework on anything else that went into the shop all the way down to the lifts, which are lower to accommodate lowered cars. This was one of the staples Joe and Jon wanted for their business model, to do things right the first time. The Maha LPS Dyno was chosen for many reasons first and fore most its reliability and accuracy. Many of the world’s auto manufactures have this dyno at the end of the assembly lines to do quality control checks. The dyno is capable of handling 2wd-awd vehicles up to 2,200 horse power. If you want to see what your monster is putting down GoodSpeed offers test pulls from $75 – $95 depending on the car’s drive set up. Dyno tuning is another way to get some hidden performance out of your car, rates for this vary depending on the vehicle.

GoodSpeed’s services are vast from the “simple” bolt-ons to full racecar prep. They do have a noted track record for Subaru and VW/Audi, but the list does not come close to stopping there. They have had everything from modern domestic cars i.e. Camaros and Mustangs, the new GTR, BMWs, and host of European exotics like Lamborghini and Ferrari. With all of this GoodSpeed also puts in time for many leading performance companies with research and development of new products. When asked what the rarest/favorite car they have ever had in the shop both Joe and Jon could not single out a car; they truly think they have had so many different and interesting builds that they love coming to work every day.

The best advice I can give you after talking to the guys over at Goodspeed is go to them with a goal in mind for your project car. With that little bit of information these guys can give you a realistic approach to achieving your dream car.

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