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Hanging out with Brian Deegan fans at SEMA 2015

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]hursday, November 5, 2015, I was able to hang out with fans of Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series driver, Brian Deegan, at the Mickey Thompson Performance Tire Booth inside of SEMA.

Being a fan myself, curiosity struck me and I started up a conversation with a few others that were there waiting in line to get pictures taken with him and receive an autographed poster. Each of these fans were unique because SEMA is not open to the general public. This makes it interesting speaking with people from within the automotive industry who are also star struck to meet one of their favorite drivers.

The most talked about thing I heard from his fellow fans was that Deegan is such an amazing family guy and definitely loves his kids. Everyone respects him for that and realizes that he puts just as much effort into them as he does living the rock star lifestyle of a short course race truck driver.

Deegan’s fans are also amazed at what he accomplishes driving. Weather it’s on a motorcycle, in a Rallycross car, or a short course off road truck he always aims to be number one and he kicks ass doing so.

What it came down to at the end of our discussion was that Deegan is not only an amazing family guy and a bad ass driver, but he is also a genuine nice guy, and this is exactly why they wanted to meet him. His fans realize they can talk to him like a real person and that he doesn’t have that “I’m above you” attitude.

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