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Honda’s S660 concept. S2000 successor? Or the NSX we have been waiting for?

Honda’s S660 concept. S2000 successor? Or the NSX we have been waiting for?

By Brian Brawley


What’s not to love about the Honda S2000? The little bombshell roadster born from Honda was anything but tame. It featured just over 240hp from its scant two liter mill, still holding one of the highest horsepower to liter ratio in a production car. Having a light 2,750 pound curb weight, X-bone frame construction, minimalist driver focused interior, and a screaming 9,000 RPM redline, it gave NSX levels of performance at a more affordable price to the general population. After 10 glorious years, Honda finally closed doors on production with no replacement in sight. With the NSX already dead, it seemed like Honda had closed the door on sports cars in general.

Back in 1995, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda introduced to the world the SSM concept. SSM standing for Sports Study Model. It introduced many of the features that came to light in 1999 as the Honda S2000, such as the front rear/rear drivetrain layout, X-bone frame, styling, and the balanced 50/50 weight distribution. This car was genesis. In a time when the other Japanese auto manufactures were producing high-end, technologically advanced sports cars, Honda only had the Ferrari fighting NSX. They needed a mid-level sports car. Once again, Honda needs a sports car. A savior, a departure from the world of beige sedans and clueless CUV’s…


Fast forward to the 2014 Tokyo Auto Show. It’s been rumored on and off for a couple years now that Honda might be producing a new sports roadster. With fake rumors and false hopes of the NSX concept, one may speculate that the S660 concept pictured here, is just another false tease while Honda bathes in Accord sales. Except Honda claims they are gearing for production of the sleek little roadster in the same plant that produced the similarly equipped Beat two decades ago. That’s right, expect the S660 to be mid-engine, and like the name suggests it won’t be powered by a 660cc engine, but more than likely the new 2.0 turbo from the next Civic Type R. Power is rumored anywhere between 300 and 400 ponies with the help of a hybrid drivetrain. This places the S660 in a nice niche between the S2000 and the NSX, and let’s be honest, isn’t a bad place

to be.

Production may start as early as 2015, but expect to see this car no earlier than 2017. The S660 is still technically a concept, and while feasible in design, will still more than likely see some revisions before it hits the streets. Currently there is no information released on price, and production for the U.S. market is less than likely.

While the S2000 will forever remain one of my most loved cars of all time, for its sheer insanity, I’m not entirely sure how the S660 will pan out. On paper it seems promising, but will all the hybrid non sense kill the driving experience? Or will it sweeten the deal that much more?


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