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Hot Import Nights Phoenix 2016 via Samsung Note 5

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]am often asked what I shoot with to get “sick shots.” Time and time again, folks are surprised by the answer.

Last time I did an article like this, I was shooting with a very basic camera, the Canon t1i. I have since switched to a Nikon D7100 with various lenses. With the Nikon being an amazing crop sensor camera, I have been able to take my photography to another level. However, it’s not always the equipment. I have spent hours researching photography and different shooting styles that I can easily use on almost any camera.

To show you my point, I shot Hot Import Nights Phoenix 2016 with just my cell phone. That’s right, my Samsung Note 5! Although I did take a few pictures and some video with my Nikon, I spent some time walking the event capturing these images in my phone’s ‘Pro’ mode.

You hear that almost everyone with a camera is a photographer, but are they able to produce quality content? Some photographers may, some may need some work. If you’re a photographer that is being discouraged with finding work or taking your photography to the next level, remember that the photography knowledge I gained has helped me shoot high quality photos, even with a cell phone.

I hope our fans can enjoy these images and that I can inspire others to research and learn about photography as the art form that it truly is.

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