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Hot Import Nights: Phoenix 2017

HIN Phoenix 2017

Hot Import Nights

Israel Soto

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Hot Import Nights Saturday June 3rd 2017 hosted at West World Scottsdale Arizona.  Roll-in times for the show were said to be around noon that Saturday, but I showed up a bit before noon and was welcomed by an already long line to be let into the  venue. Pulling up to the roll in, I found myself putting my windows down to get a better view of all the cars attending, and to say hello to friends and family when a heatwave smacked me in right the face! Arizona was putting the HOT in Hot Import Nights! Temperatures reaching a high of 107 throughout the day made it a zesty one. STILL! That didn’t stop people from coming out and being ready for an awesome time. The reason why everyone was here for didn’t seem to matter, it was clear this was a “must be at event”. You could feel the excitement and good vibes in the air as I made my way around the H.I.N. roll-in. It seemed to be a well awaited for event all the way around. With a big list of awesome featured modified rides from all over AZ and out of state, vendors, live music stage and of course lovely H.I.N. and local models. It was an event that was able to have something for everyone, no matter what brought you out. So glad to see the lifestyle more alive than it had been and to see everyone coming together to make events like this possible. Till next time and have a great day!

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