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Hot Import Nights Phoenix 9-14-13

What was HOT at Hot Import Nights

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, Lark Hensman, and Justin Manley

Cars began pulling into the Phoenix Convention Center around 11 Am Saturday morning for HIN – Hot Import Nights. The whole center was buzzing with pre show activities like vendors setting up booths, and drivers polishing up their cars before the public laid eyes on them, and before the cars were judged.

At 5 Pm the public was let into the building were they could look at all the amazing cars. DJ’s were playing music while models walked around posing with different cars and dancing on stage. Dev made an appearance at the show preforming several of her songs.

“This has definitely been one of my favorite HIN’s I’ve been at in a long time.” Said Alex Lopez, owner of Skyprint Media. “Its good to be back in phoenix and see everyone.” Said Lopez.

“I think the show went really well. I love Arizona and I wanted to do something indoors.” Said Wayne Raqueno, the coordinator of HIN. “We definitely want to come and do it again.” Raqueno puts together Hot Import Nights events all over the country. The next show is in Houston. “I like putting on these types of shows because it gives everyone a chance to see what other people have done to their cars and then they go out and put new things on their cars and then its time for the next show and the cycle repeats. I think it helps out everyone. It’s like a triangle of love.” Said Raqueno.

On behave of the entire HIN Staff, thank you to all the vendors that came out for the show, and thank you to all the spectators.

Winners of awards at HIN:

Hottest Honda

1-Bryant Nguyen

2-Michael Gonzales

3-Chad Belselich

Hottest Acura

1-Ahmed Sulfab

2-Alex Harbart

3-Chase Heath

Hottest Nissan

1-La Bounaklam

2-Brian McCann

3-Marshall Greenwald

Hottest Toyota

1-Tyler Pflanz

2-Supra Human

3-Alek Heit

Hottest Mazda


2-Keith Gomez

3-Kyle White

Hottest Mitsubishi

1-Jovi La Victoria

2-Allen topacio

3-Jason Denningnamm

Hottest Scion

1-David Ward

2-Russle Kramer

3-Curtis Sanchez

Hottest Hyundai

Matthew Hangen

Hottest BMW


2-Somy Hamad

3-Anthony Gonzalez

Hottest Infinity

1-Martin Herrera

2-Eric Jones

3-Duy Truong

Hottest Lexus

Kelly Cloud

Hottest Subaru

1-Arther Holguin

2- RJ Lane

3- Jacob Burdsall

Hottest Exotic:

Nick Jewel

Hottest VW

Robert F

Hottest Domestic

Sam Piazza

Hottest Club


2-Stoopid low

3-JDM Fresh

Hottest Club Team Represent (Most Entered)

JDM Fresh

Hottest Car and Model Display

Emily Oney

Hottest I.C.E.

Adam Maek

Hottest JDM

Ahamed Sulfab

Cleanest Car

Brian McCann

Hottest Preformance Tuned Auto

Raul Gonzales

Hottest Interior

Jodi La Victoria

Hottest Graphics

David Ward

Hottest Female Ride

La Bouakham

Waynes Choice Award

Tyler Pflauz

Hottest Stance

Russle Kramer

Hottest VIP Ride

Kelly Cloud

Hottest Vendor Car

UTI’s Hyundai Genesis

Hottest Lighting award presented by Sylvania zXe

Jovi La Victoria

Ultimate award Best in Show

Jovie La Victoria

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