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New innovation from Audi in the form of “Swarm” light technology

Written by Mikal Goodall

Innovative automotive technology is always flowing out of Germany, and the new conceptual Audi “Swarm” light technology is no exception. Bringing the artistic nature of a school of fish to a functional yet seemingly outlandish platform. They took an OLED screen and attached it to the back of the car allowing it to act as the taillights with an imaginative twist. They have integrated everything from turn signals, reverse lights, and even display the rotational force the vehicle has by swaying the “swarm” in the direction the lateral Gs are forcing. Although not practical in today’s sense, this would bring a whole new level of creativity to the artform we call car culture, and it would be an amazing jump forward towards finally having the ravishing Audi RSQ in the flesh! To bad this new tech is already banned across the states along with the safety enhancing laser headlight technology!

A law established close to half a century ago by the NHTSA making it mandatory for headlights to have an optional high and low beam, now decides whether we can have these lights integrated into our automobiles. Does this mean the end for the innovations of projectedley safer headlights? Possibly not, the halogen bulb was in introduced 1962, quickly becoming standard in Europe due to at the time having a long life span. It was actually banned in the United States until 1978. Now, it’s the norm with higher-end vehicles primarily being the ones using LEDs. There is never a way to predict how far tech will progress within a decent time span.

Back in the 1950s, it was predicted that by the year 2000, we would have flying nuclear-powered cars traveling across the vast city-scapes. As truth be told, we didn’t really make it that far. We chose to go a different route with the innovations we brought to the table rather than the things we still think of today as science fiction. Who knows, the “Swarm” may never hit city streets, but I do see this as the start to a new breed of more radical artistic based design choices within concepts not seen since the 50s and 60s.

To watch a video of the lights, click here. image.

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