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It’s a JDM Oasis!

It’s a JDM Oasis!

By Amy Muser

It’s finally here.. Yes, the wait is over.. I have found a place where people can feel at home; all types of people and their cars can go without fear of discrimination based on wing size, vehical height, wheels, or make and model. Its an oasis to relax and cool down from the Arizona heat.  What and where is this magical paradise? I am introducing to you, fellow car enthusiasts, to a place that will surely serve the community for all its car and vaping needs… Welcome to the new JDM Fresh/Oasis Vape store.

Located on the southwest corner of McDowell and Scottsdale road, the shop is a whopping twenty-two hundred square feet, broken down into a shop and lounge with their doors open for business and ready to serve the community. The merchandise to be sold is a mix of items supporting the lifestyle of cars and vape. The car world and the Vaping community are surprisingly a lot closer than everyone thinks. Our cars are an expression of how we view our selves. The same goes for creating these mods. Each one is different and built to the specification that its user prefers. Each if an extension of us making our family and our communities closer than ever.

On the vaping side, there will be a variety of mechanical mods, RDA’s, RBA’s and not to mention the impressive juice bar. The juice bar is where you can choose your level of nicotine while mixing in all your favorite flavors. The custom mixing here is the reason I love going to Oasis. The lounge is inviting and a place where you can truly enjoy the time and company of other people while trying to perfect the biggest cloud you can create with the perfectly handmade coils made and sold onsite.

As far as the JDM Fresh side goes… Its the same team you know and love selling the squash you just cant get enough of along with other awesome car accessories. Getting your squash has never been easier then just going to the shop and picking up your favorite smells.

The joint shop is a hope of light in the area allowing people to find a place that is their own.  A place that we can have car meets and enjoy the company of others and share a passion without the criticisms.  The entire complex at the Papago Plaza has been warmly accepting to the new arrival of the JDM Oasis shop. The JDM Fresh and Oasis Vape team can’t wait to see everyone enjoying the new shop and supporting your local businesses!

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