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January 2015 Ride of the Month

Written by Nicole James, Photos by Hans Marquez

“There was never really an original goal with this car because I knew I wouldn’t keep the car for long.” Yoshi Sukkha said about his 2010 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z.

“I tend to get bored with cars real easy and so I plan on only keeping it for 2-3 years max knowing I will move on once the time comes. So though out that time being, I just change a couple mods here and there.” He said.

One of the driving forces as to why Yoshi purchased this car was that the 370z was quite rare on the streets at the time. With well over 800 hours’ worth of labor, this unique 370z is garage built.

CarStreetJournal_ROTM_1.1 (14)What mods did Yoshi put on this car to consume over 800 hours’ worth of work? How about a combination of that beautiful Stillen Front bumper, mixed with Fly 1 Motorsport RS1 Full carbon fiber fenders, as well as Aerojacket Amuse side skirts, Amuse Rear Bumper, Amuse Spoiler, K3projeckt wheels 20×9 20×11, Hankook Ventus V12 235/25/20, 275/30/20, Stance Coil Over, Injen Dual intake, Invidia Full cat back exhaust, and a Power by Max Shift knob. To top it off, a custom full wrap sponsored by Colorbomb in Avery Light Blue.

According to Yoshi, his favorite mod on the car is the “Stance Coil Over and wheels set up,” while the Amuse Body kit drove him insane.

For many car enthusiasts, there is always that one thing that has to be in the car, or done to the car. For Yoshi, a wheel set up is a must. “I don’t like stock fenders gap.”

Yoshi told Car Street Journal that if he ends up keeping the car longer than his original plan, a Greaddy Twin Turbo kit on the car or Stillen Supercharged kit might be in the works along with an HKS exhaust. “I would really love to put Bride racing seats with some Takata seat belts in it, but then again the red interior is what makes the car a 40th anniversary.”

CarStreetJournal_ROTM_1.1 (3)When it comes to playing, the car has never endured any abuse and due to the car being so low, all Yoshi can do is take it to different shows or out to super car runs. Once event in particular, Super Car Run Five, was the best trip Yoshi has ever made in the car.

So what got this car fanatic into cars? Yoshi says he’s not really sure. “I think it just in my blood, I have always loved cars since I was little. However, my childhood was pretty rough, I came from a middle class family back in Thailand so I didn’t really get to play with many toys. I have never seen or play with hot wheels until I moved here to the US in 2005. I was 15 at the time. So I believe that I have been craving to play with toy cars for so long but due to a lack of money back then I never got a chance to be a child until the opportunity came to me here in the US.”

Some of Yoshi’s past projects include: Nissan 240sx s14 (which has been featured on, s13, VIP LS400, Lifted 4 runner, and the list goes on. “I have been through over 25 cars in the pass 6-7 years.”

His first project was a rusted, beat up, not running, 1952 Chevy Truck that his step dad picked up from a junkyard as a project for Yoshi in high school to keep him out of trouble. “It took me well over 7 years to restore that vehicle.”

The first car that really got Yoshi’s attention was his second vehicle that he restored. “It was a 1979 Camaro which was my first running car that I drove to high school in junior year and was featured in high school newspaper as well.”

When it comes to dream cars, “there will never be only one dream car.” Yoshi said. “As time goes by, new dreams will keep coming up and that is what make me so thrilled and want to work hard for where I need to be in order to make my dreams come true.”


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