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Does listening to music while you drive make you a better driver?

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]magine driving down the road in a dead silence. Not because no one is talking but because there is no radio. Working radio’s are a must have in vehicles these days. Have you ever wondered if it makes you a better driver? Does it change your mood? Or is it just a luxury that everyone must have? The long lasting question has been, does music affect ones driving? The answer is, no.

Studies have been done that test if music makes people more aggressive drivers or if music distracts them. While no one can really find an answer, researchers agree the answer will remain a “no.” It has been found that listening to music does affect your mood but it does not affect your driving. Research has shown that playing music while driving can actually help you focus and concentrate on the road. From jazz to heavy metal there is no real distraction coming from your speakers. Drivers are more likely to become distracted behind the wheel while talking to a passenger rather than listening to music.

According to research, if radio’s did change peoples performances behind the wheel causing a danger to them or others then radio’s would not be in cars and they would be made Illegal. Yet we have more than just a regular old radio in vehicles these days. There are touch screen radio’s with pandora, bluetooth, GPS and all sorts of bells and whistles. While it could be a danger adjusting the radio station on a touch screen, most vehicles with the touch screen actually lock while the car is in motion.

The radio industry depends on listeners in their cars. Heading to work or school, everyone has their radios on tuning into their favorite stations. Without radios in vehicles, the radio industry would take a turn for the worst and we would slowly see them diminish. Having a radio in vehicles does absolutely no harm to anyone. Until proven otherwise, we will continue to see newer and better radios in vehicles.

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