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Local Motors: Age of Innovation

Local Motors: Age of Innovation

Words and Photos By Rebecca Nguyen

CHANDLER, Ariz. July 12, 2014- The open house on this wonderful sunny day was meant to showcase the clad in all black Rally Fighters that had made a very menacing appearance in the new movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction. However, those visiting the factory were all much more interested in the other happenings around the factory.

On display was a 3D printed car, the Verrado drift trike, the XC2V and of course a few Rally Fighters. There were also some pretty impressive CNC machines set up to check out and also some welding lessons were taking place!  Guests were also given the chance to ride along in one of the Rally Fighters for a quick second run off one of the jumps and to demo the drift trikes.

The most inspiring part of the day was having a chance to see the youths attending and interested in the innovation happening.  What seems to be the most challenging task is inspiring the next generation to continue the art of innovation and design. Here at Local Motors, they are doing a fine job of inspiring the future generations.


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