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To really be a kick ass automotive journalist or an automotive photographer you need to be able to have a good time! Too often we find ourselves stuck working twelve hour days, out in the sun, on the track, at a show, usually covered in tire dust or desert sand… We travel a lot, neglect some responsibilities of “normal people” like chores and laundry after a long day… But its totally worth it because its all for the love of cars.

Here at Car Street Journal, we like to be professional, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time! For Example….

11002956_889224774463596_1379700195_oThat moment when you just need to bust out in a dance because you love what you are doing so much…. This was one of Hans Marquez’ favorite moments saying, “that guy was a character!”


10964722_889224757796931_1891602401_oMatt Finks’ favorite moment was seeing the love between colleagues when you just need some support throughout a long day!

DSC_3515ERebecca Nguyen said her favorite moment was “finding out that Yoshi got the day off because his car was our flyer photo and that after the show he proposed to his girlfriend after attending.” Can we say #DemPrioritiesTho.

11003143_889224777796929_552602301_oJenevie Brady loved working side by side with Vegas Drift to put on an awesome show and enjoyed seeing another colleague, Jay Ronquillo do some awesome corner work.

11009617_889224787796928_1513283483_oSometimes we all just need to catch a nap. This Arizona sun can kill ya.

good 1Christopher Gibson, said his highlight of the day was “hearing the OG drifter guest judge do his talk to the drivers in the meeting before qualifying.”

10998151_889224801130260_1600260588_oThat moment when your surrounded by so many amazing cars, you run out of poses and go into kick-ass-beast-mode. CSJ loves our JDM Fresh models.

11002167_889224821130258_495711684_oWho knew directing traffic could be so fun? Some of us love using the megaphone, and sometimes sounding the horn. It makes us giggle.

11004700_889227717796635_404973880_nAnd then their is moments we live for. The moments where we just walk around and smile, or make goofy faces because we are living the dream and doing what we love, all for the love of cars!

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