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Lowballers, Lowand Stanced, JDM Fresh, and CSJ for Toys for Tots

By RJ Lane

Photos by Jake Hensman, Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, and RJ Lane

It started as a beautiful somewhat “cool” day in Phoenix, AZ on July 20, 2013. Lowballers AZ, Lowand Stanced, JDM Fresh, and CSJ held a car meet/fund and toy drive for Toys for Tots. The amount of cars that made it out was impressive. Just as everyone was getting settled and into a grove with donations Mother Nature decided a car meet was a bad idea. The wind picked up and blew in a crazy storm which turned the meet into a cruise to the nearest shelter for all of these precious cars.  Despite the abrupt end to the meet we collected over $100 and many toys for this great cause. Thanks to everyone that made it out and for all the donations.

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