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March 2015 Ride of the Month

Written by Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez

“When I’m alone in my car, it’s my biggest stress relief. I can sing along with a rock song and be way off and not get looked at funny.” So how did this stress relief come to be? Many car enthusiast will tell you it was love at first sight with their cars, but for Ryan Long it was a little different. Being a long time truck guy, he went to Ford to test drive a Raptor and just so happened to glance over and see a 2012 boss 302 Mustang. “Just for kicks I asked the salesmen to let me drive it. That’s all it took for me to absolutely fall in love with the car, between the stock looks, power, handling, and the way it feels when you’re in the passenger seat, I had my mind set.”

DSC_2618EditRyan never really had big plans for his car. The stock power of the Boss 302 was plenty at the time he bought it but as we all know, it’s hard to not want more power. “I actually went to a shop for exhaust, intake, intake manifold, and tune,” Ryan said, “but my mind was quickly changed when the mechanic told me I’d be wasting my money if I planned to supercharge it. So 3 months after the purchase I found myself going from 390 rwhp to 580 rwhp as my first mod.” The car is currently at 705 rwhp on pump gas. A perk to all this power? “Whenever I see a group of girls or just a group of people in general, I’ll get really close and give them a big rev! It never fails to hear them all scream.”

Ryan’s car went from stock to what it is now in less than two years. From his favorite mod to the mod that drove Ryan insane, hands down it’s the engine build. “It took almost 6 months for the build to be finished. Between the pistons taking two months alone, to me adding on things every other week, I was going insane.”

Under the hood Ryan has a 2.9 whipple supercharger, carbon fiber JLT intake, Ford Racing throttle body, and Kooks headers to catless/ H pipe/ side pipes, for exhaust with Ford Racing axle backs, Gt 500 non resonated mid pipes, and an aluminum drive shaft/loop with Barton short throw. The car also has snow water meth injection, BAP, 80lbs injectors, stage 3 blower cams, cobra jet oil pump with billet gears, mmr head cooling mod, 9:1 compression diamond pistons/ molly side skirt coat/ hard anodized top and bottom coat, double thick wrist pins, manley rods, all machined  and balanced to new set up,  total seal rings,  all ARP hard ware of course.

DSC_2582EditThe suspension is one of the things Ryan was able to do himself that includes Eibach sway bars, pan hard bars, and springs, steeda lower control arms, LCA relocating brackets and sway bar relocating bracket.

To complete the look, the engine is tucked away under a three inch cowl hood with custom paint.

For Ryan it is difficult to say exactly how much time has been put into the car. “The best way to put it is probably the two and a half years I’ve had it, just because I’m constantly looking for things to do to make everything that much better.”

So what is next for this fire breathing mustang? Ryan tells us he is already in the process of his next mod: T56 Magnum swap with an RXT clutch. “Amazingly the stock parts have been holding up, but better to replace before it breaks then risk damage to something else when it does. Other than that full fuel system and a 10 rib pully set up to get into the 1000 hp range! I’d really like to see the car getting a sponsor because it would just be some fun bragging rights.”

DSC_2616E“I absolutely have to have some sort of music while I’m driving.” Ryan said. “Not even really to listen to, but more of a background noise and just relaxing. So whenever I leave my place I can’t forget my phone to listen to some Pandora.”

To avoid trouble Ryan enjoys cleaning his car and babying it, but every once in a while he says “I’m just looking for that next ‘fast’ car or bike that thinks he’s just a ‘Mustang.’ It’s also fun to see the reactions on little kids faces when they see and hear the car.”

“Mommy look it’s a race car,” is one of Ryan’s best compliments.

What initially got Ryan into cars was being a little kid and seeing all the “cool cars on the road” and always wanting his own to make unique. “[The car] gives me something to spend my money on and look forward to when I get home from work.”

When it comes to dream cars, Ryan’s tells CSJ he has always had his eye on the Shelby GT 1000, but seeing as how his cars not to far from being its own GT 1000, and since we are talking about dream car, he says the Lamborghini Aventador is his next choice.


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