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March Ride of the Month 2014

March 2014 Ride of the Month

Photos and video by Hans Marquez

Written by Nicole James

Have you ever dreamt of actually owning your dream car? What it would be like to walk out and see it sitting there ready for you to jump in and drive? This month, CSJ got the opportunity to interview up and coming drifter, Austin Kregle. He and his car impressed us so much that we decided he just had to be our March Ride of the Month.


When Austin got his license he decided he wanted to take up the sport of drifting. After researching extensively, he decided the 1995 Nissan 240SX was the car for him. After working hard, saving, and looking at religiously for a year and a half, Kregle found his perfect car.

“I specifically got this car for drifting. It was the only car I went out to look at and I bought it. It had a lame exhaust and an aftermarket diff. I wanted a 240 that was as stock as possible and that’s what I got.”

“My original goal was to build an awesome looking street legal s14 that I could drift on the track. The car was built in my garage and at my work. Dyno-comp tuned my car when I converted to e85.”

What originally got Kregle into cars was going to the track and other car events when he was a little kid. His entire life he has always been interested in the drag nights and funny cars. It was a dream of his to one day be out on the track he grew up watching. Austin told CSJ his goal has been accomplished and he is happy with where he is at, however he still wants to keep improving and keep moving forward.

In the seven years Austin has had the car, he has made this ‘green machine’ unique to him with these modifications:


S14 Sr20det
1000cc injector dynamics injectors
Greddy type r blow off valve
Front mount intercooler
BWR aluminum radiator
Greddy emanage ultimate
Tuned on E85 by Dyno-comp
300zx brakes
K sport coilovers
Adjustable front caster arms
K sport adjustable rear toe arms
K sport adjustable rear camber arms
All energy suspension bushing
Modified front knuckles
Offset rack spacer
Godspeed front and rear sway bar
Varrstoen es2 wheels
Version select side skirts
Version select rear bumper
Welded diff
6 point roll cage by insane innovations
Bride zeta 3 seat
R.J.S 5 point harness
Quick release steering hub
NRG steering wheel
Aero catch hood pins
3in custom exhaust
3in down pipe
Auto meter gauges

Walbro255 fuel pump

Front wheel specs:18×9.5+2 with 10mm spacer and 215/40/18 federal 595ss tires

Rear wheel specs: 18×10.5+15 and 255/40/18 with 225/40/18 federal 595ss tires

“My favorite mod that drove me insane was doing the SR swap. It was because it was my first time doing a motor swap and I was paranoid I was going to mess something up or the motor was going to have something wrong with it, Once I bought the motor I ran out of money and it took another four months to buy everything I needed to complete the swap. Once I finally finished it and was about to start it up it ran like crap. I could not figure out why it was not running right so I had a friend come by to help and realized my ECU was bad. I bought a new ECU but once the new one was in the car ran like a champ! It felt like a whole new car and I felt my drifting skills improved with the increased power.” Kregle said.

Some of Austin’s favorite moments with his car are just being out, driving around with the windows down when the weather is nice, and of course getting sideways.

For those of you wondering how you can get into drifting, Austin Kregle has some great advice: “Go out and buy a 240, get some suspension and a diff. Then practice. Start with a stock car so you can learn to tell your car what to do. Then when your good, increase your power and performance.

Click here for the video! 🙂


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