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Meeting Bucky Lasek at SEMA 2015

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]t’s not every day that you get to meet skateboarding legend turned Global Rallycross driver, Bucky Lasek.

Today was my lucky day when I happened upon the Royal Purple Synthetic Oil Booth at SEMA. Not only did I get to meet Bucky Lasek, but he was also there with fellow GRC Teammate Sverre Isachsen and Rally America Championship winner David Higgins.


When getting to the front of the long line of fans I felt like a kid again. These three drivers are huge idols of mine. It’s extremely hard to contain myself and hold back from going all “fan boy” towards each one of them and attempting to ask hundreds of questions. I do however understand that they are busy and you need to keep the line moving, so that the drivers can make all their fans happy.

I kept my composure, moved right along getting Higgin’s signature and then Isachsen’s. Lasek’s signature was the final one to get and something fantastic happened when I got to him. He placed down his sharpie on the table and took a small break from signing his poster and directed a question towards me and the rest of his fans.

“So, have you seen anything cool here?” Lasek asked. I was able to tell him about some amazing off road trucks outside and the only other thing that has really stuck out in my mind since I saw it in person for the first time, a 1985 BMW known as Rusty Slammington.

Intrigued by the BMW, Lasek asked where he could locate it. So I promptly looked up the booth number and wrote it down for him. He told me once he was done signing autographs the Royal Purple booth he would go check it out.

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