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Nick Who?? Nick Gross!

Pro-AM Contender

Why should you look out for Nick?  He is an up and coming contender for the Southwest Drift Pro-Am series. After his first event in December 2014, he has caught the fever to drive sideways. This passion has driven Nick to push his talent, and thus, he now competes in the Pro-Am Series.

“The joy and thrill I get from driving in these events can not be substituted.”

Man working under custom Nissan 240 S14 drift race car

Since starting his Pro-Am career last year, Nick has had many obstacles. The worst, relying on a “take-out” motor.  A take-out motor is a used motor, a motor from a donor car. In 2016, at his very first Southwest Drift Pro-Am event, Nick was in his last tandem practice run…about half way through the run, his engine grenaded. “Lesson learned.” Nick stated.

Going forward, Nick has his sights on a Pro2 license. This will elevate his status to just one step below Formula Drift. He has his work cut out for him, and will represent his sponsors to the best of his ability.  Stay tuned as Car Street Journal follows the path of Nick Gross through 2017.

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