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Nissan GT-R GT3 takes ninth place at the Ring

[dropcap style=”style1″]S[/dropcap]tarting out in the 31st position in the race for the #35 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours race was challenging for Nissan. They were placed in that position after just missing out on the Top 30 pole position shootout due to a penalty. The #35 car finished the race in the ninth place.

132795_1_5Beginning the race was Michael Krumm. Buncombe drove next, followed by Ordonez and then Hoshino san, with all drivers single-stinting to start with.

“We had a very straightforward race,” said Team boss, Bob Neville. “After the initial single stints the drivers all did doubles and didn’t put a foot wrong. We were pretty cautious during the night when it was raining and this worked out well for us. The car ran like clockwork and it is always good to be able to say that the car didn’t need any repairs during the race. I’m very pleased with my team and very happy to take such a good finish here.”

According to Buncombe, the car ran faultlessly and “all of my team-mates did a great job and we were able to complete the whole race without the car going into the garage once.”

The other Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in the race also had a very strong run. The car was one place behind the #35 GT-R with just one hour to go but when they were almost in sight of the finish line they had a gearbox problem and dropped down the order. GT Academy winner Florian Strauss did a great job for Schulze, just as he did for RJN in 2014, but along with the rest of the team his efforts were unrewarded at the flag.

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