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By: RJ Lane

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The automotive sub culture is one populated with people that have slightly askew views. For the idle layman just out to enjoy a car show, identifying the brand of car show regular he is dealing with is as important as avoiding the proverbial land mine.

The typical car show goer is someone who possesses a minor understanding of at least one model of car and an appreciation of cars in a much broader sense. They may even watch an automotive TV show on the odd occasion. If they see a car of some notable rarity, they will look affectionately at it and even have the where-with-all to ask a poignant question or two. Now, the fact that the owner of said [...]

Speedworld 9-11 Memorial


RJ Lane

Photos and Video


Bryon Wood, Lark Hensman, Jake Hensman, Aaron Atkins


On a gorgeous overcast September evening at Speedworld Raceway Park in Surprise, AZ a tribute was held to honor our fallen heroes from the twin towers and our military men and women who have sacrificed so much for the freedoms we hold dear. Part of the entry fee went to raise money for the Military Assistance Mission. The night was full of show cars shining brightly, and drag cars making pass after pass, to be capped off with jet cars turning night into day. The show had 25+ cars vying for commemorative plaques featuring the fallen towers. Team Swat , Team Aftermath, and Team JDM Fresh  all took home a hand full of plaques. The racers had three categories:  fastest e. t., best reaction time, and quickest 60’ time. Great [...]

Heat Shielding Your Brake Lines

If you have not put your brake lines in yet go to the store pick up some heat sleeves and slip it over the brake line before you hook up the brake lines, this is the easier and faster option. If you didn’t do this and now feel/need to heat shield your brake lines here’s what to to.

1. Measure your brake line to see how long each sleeve needes to be.

2. Things You Will Need: All of which can be found at your local auto parts store
Scissors or razor blade
Zip ties
Cool Tape (insulating tape)
Heat sleeves (2 or 4)

3. Cut the heat sleeve in half so it looks like this

4. Take a zip tie and secure one end (easier than trying to hold the heat sleeve and tape at the same time)

5. Start at the zip [...]



For those of us in the Phoenix metro area… we are well aware of the local track, Speedworld Raceway, has been having with Maricopa County officials.  Many of us have signed the petition to help keep Speedworld open.  To let you all know whether you read the e-mail or not, apparently Maricopa County can NOT close down Speedworld.  Here is the info that was sent via email from the petition.


Below is a message that Max W. Wilson, Maricopa County District 4 Supervisor asked us to pass along in response to the petition “Keep Speedworld Raceway Park Open” (http://signon.org/sign/keep-speedworld-raceway), which you signed. This message was sent through the SignOn.org system, and your email address has NOT been shared with the sender.


Thank you for contacting my office. Unlike what you have heard, Maricopa County can’t close this track down and wont. We have only asked him to keep people off all [...]

Save Speedworld by R.J. Lane and Bryon Wood

Speedworld is a family motorsports park that is located at 19421 W Jomax Rd.,Wittmann, AZ 85361, and has been the destination for Arizona’s gear heads for over 50+ years. It is a 320 acre park that has an NHRA drag strip, 1/8th mile dirt oval, off-road truck circuit, motocross course, sand drag area, mud bogs, and R/C Air Park. On 6/23/12 I had a conversation with Dan Mathews, owner of Speedworld, and discussed the rumored closing of the facility. The park is NOT closing for the foreseeable future, but might if they can’t find a way to raisethe funds for the legal battle ahead.
The main dispute over the park is the property lines. The county claims that the park is bigger by 27 acres than the original special use permit allowed. In 2004 Dan took over the lease from the state that included everything [...]

We look forward to seeing everyone at Larry Miller Scion at 10am to test drive the new FR-S… There will be a DJ, Food, and Free test drives!

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