Chelsea DeNofa scored his first ever Formula Drift win in Long Beach, California, during Round One of the 2016 Pro Formula Drift season, April 9. His victory in his BMW puts him at the top of the seasons standings and marks the first victory for tire supplier GT Radial.

“The weather definitely added a challenging element to this event, but the action was as intense as ever to kickoff the season,” said Jim Liaw, President of Formula Drift.

“Despite the rain, the fans came out to show their support.” Liaw said, adding “this season is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting and for the local fans we will keep things going with the Super Drift competition next weekend under the lights during the Long Beach Grand Prix.”

The rain caused variable surface conditions of the street course which ultimately led to Formula Drift officials making the decision to forgo Qualifying

The 2016 Formula Drift season continues with Round One: Streets of Long Beach as the competition has been narrowed down to the Fab Four, composed of returning winner Fredric Aasbo, Odi Bakchis, Ken Gushi, and Chelsea DeNofa.

Round one for the top four started immediately with Fredric Aasbo and Matt Field. Truly a good run, Field kept right up and put the pressure on Aasbo for the first run.

Second run with Field giving all he had, and spinning after a fast transition after the first corner, giving Aasbo the win.


Ryan Tuerck and  Odi Bakchis displayed a heated battle in the second battle. Tuerick brushed the wall with the back of his car while Bakchis hit the notorious last corner clip.

In run two Tuerck fe [...]

The road to victory of Round One: Streets of Long Beach, the season opener for the 2016 Formula Drift season, has seen 32 drivers narrowed down to the top 16. From there, the top 16 became the Great Eight.

The first round of the Great Eight started with Fredric Aasbo and ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett. Immediately fans were treated to an intense battle with Mad Mike pushing his car and drifting with crazy angle.

Slight contact at the final corner left Whiddett with a missing door. After a small timeout, and a new door, Mike was ready for even more angle.

Unfortunately that angle resulted in a spin and a victory for Aasbo.

It’s been nothing but show at the series kickoff for the 2016 Formula Drift season at Round One: Streets of Long Beach. Weather conditions have ranged from dry to wet to even more wet resulting in some surprises, crashes, excitement, and fierce competition from every corner as the competition has been narrowed down from 32 drivers to 16.

Our first run of the day was between former champion Fredric Aasbo and Shengjun Zhang. Despite some light contact, Aasbo left too much of a lead and into victory.


Keeping aggression in the second battle, Patrick Mordaunt put pressure on “Mad” Mike Whiddett, who wowed fans with [...]

Day Two of Round One: Streets of Long Beach continues the start the 2016 Formula Drift season with the same poor weather conditions that plagued qualifying and practice runs the day before. 

Due to poor weather, Formula Drift officials have used overall standings from the 2015 season to determine the competition runs that will take place today. 

With the venue open to the public and opening ceremonies set to begin at 3:00 p.m., Formula Drift fans have much to see and do before the main competition begins.

In wake of the recent news that the Scion brand has been discontinued, Scion representatives set up a Scion booth that has been accompanied by Speedhunter Daniel Corvarrubias’, Scion FRS.

To honor the orphaned brand, a car show exclusive to Scion’s is set up at the event with Scion representatives handing out swag bags to the owners of the hundreds of Scion cars in attendance.

Vendors including FreshOP, Sparco, SSR, JDM

As we gear up for day two of Formula Drift Round One in Long Beach, the weather forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of rain.

Qualifying was cancelled due to the weather yesterday, however today will be a true “rain or shine” kind of event. Starting out with our top 32, this event will test the driver’s full control abilities.

The top 32 that has carried over from last year’s qualifying showcases the returning Champ, winner of last year’s round one and winner of the entire Formula Drift Series, Fredric Aasbo in his Scion TC, Kenshiro Gushi in his Scion Racing FRS, and Chris Forsberg in his No. 64 Nissan 370Z

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