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Phoenix car scene dead? I don’t think so!


[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap]s car enthusiasts we hear it from random people all the time. Even people from within the car scene in phoenix seem to snicker every once in a while that the car scene here has died.

Sure, I will admit. It has taken a breather. But in no way is it dead.   And if you are anything like me you are always looking for stuff to do that involves your ride. All it takes is a little bit of research on the internet and you will most likely come across something that will suit you.

Whether it be a car show, a car meet, canyon runs, drag races, drift events, cruises. You name it, I am certain it’s out there waiting for you to discover it.

I for one like a mixture of things, I definitely enjoy street cars. But, I also really enjoy cars/trucks that get a little dirty too. After all we are in Arizona and there is a ton of dirt roads and off road trails out there as well.  Arizona is like a playground when it comes to vehicles. You just need to find what suites you and meet up with people with similar interests and it’s all a ton of smiles from there.

A great place to start meeting people would no doubt be some kind of event itself. And, that’s where the Scottsdale pavilions (or more commonly known as The Pavs) comes in. Every Saturday night starting around 5pm a ton of amazing cars show up to the McDonalds at 9140 E. Indian Bend Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85250 for  what started off years ago as a classic car show,  has become much, much more than that today. I have seen everything from Muscle cars to military vehicles at this show. Although it is dubbed as a “classic car show”, it seems these days all vehicles are welcome, and you get to show off your ride and check out some amazing vehicles throughout the night as well.  Best of all this is free!

I am almost positive spending a Saturday night at The Pavs you will find something right up your alley.

I myself have discovered numerous things, If I get a hankering for speed and the smell of burnt rubber.  I know I will be headed to Drift and Drags at Wild Horse Pass Raceway and it just so happens that one is coming up on July 19th 2014.  If I feel like talking about amazing cars and getting my caffeine fix. I might as well head to the Cars & Coffee event that is held at Penske Racing Museum every third Saturday of the month.  If I feel like having a fun day cruise, I will call some of my buddies and hit up one of my favorites which is driving up to Camp Verde Arizona via the Beeline Highway A.k.a. Route 87 and then making my way back into town on I-17. If I want more of an adventure and I’m in my AWD car or with a friend that has 4X4 truck. There are tons of decent dirt roads to drive down and some amazing off road trails and camping spots in Arizona.

Needless to say there is an amazing amount of stuff out there for car enthusiasts to do. This was just some of the things I have discovered in a short amount of time talking with friends and searching the web.

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