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Phoenix PD bust street racers with unmarked muscle cars

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]ypically police cars are easy to spot and most of the time under cover police cars are just as easily spotted if you know the few things to look for. In Phoenix, Arizona, it seems as though the local police are catching on to the fact that they are easily spotted and are gearing up to change that.

Recently two high performance cars, a red Dodge Challenger and yellow Ford Mustang were recently acquired by the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The vehicles will remain unmarked to look like any other sports car out on the road but will have the necessary police lighting and equipment to help catch dangerous drivers.

Officials say that when law enforcement is not perceived to be around many drivers drive aggressively speed along Arizona highways. By keeping the new muscle cars unmarked state troopers will be able to better observe criminal violations, and then be able to take immediate enforcement action on the unsuspecting drivers.

“For years state troopers have been expressing the need of unmarked vehicles in order to catch criminally reckless drivers and motorcycle operators that race and endanger lives on freeways,”┬ásaid Governor Office of Highway Safety Director Alberto Gutier, adding “numerous police agencies around the state have already employed non-standard type vehicles.”

Rumors have already started circulating among Arizona’s car community┬áthat these vehicles have began to take action by pretending to street race.

When an unsuspecting vehicle tries to put the pedal to the metal at a street light or on the highway next to one of the undercovers, they will play along for a moment and then turn on their police lights pulling over their victim.

Entrapment is not frowned upon by Phoenix Police and they will do whatever they can to catch criminals. Phoenix police officers want street racers think twice about racing on public roads.

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