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New Product: CarMoji

With all the new products that are out Motormood came out with something and entertaining, the CarMoji!  Going with the trending emojis that are used on our phones… Motormood decided to bring it to life with these light up emojis for your car.

CarMoji is a car accessory that allows you to send a thanks to other drivers.  It uses a proprietary light that Motormood has optimized for nighttime usage as not to interfere with visibility from other drivers.

The main units are $20 with options to buy the other overlays.

carmoji_smileyclassic_pinksmiley_b92f4331-dba9-417f-af51-3b1d13986032classic_bluesmiley_535d6d0b-8aba-44b8-a7db-391f5f6dd6db carmoji_winky_large carmoji_thumbsup_large


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