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NEW PRODUCT: ESE E1 Carbon Fiber Wheel

ESE Industries, a group of designers and engineers that love carbon fiber, came to The SEMA Show with the E1 full carbon fiber wheel.

These wheels starting at a mere 11 lbs per wheel are significantly lighter than any light weight metal wheel.  Since the weight has been lifted from the wheel that means improved rotational inertia.  Faster acceleration and better braking with less rotational mass.  Less rotational mass means less horsepower being robbed from the wheels and given back to the driver.  The E1 are rated for a 3850 LB axle car.



Carbon_Fiber_E1_wheelESE has considered the safety of these wheels as well.  The E1 are stiffer than traditional metal wheels.  With this increase in stiffness it makes the wheels less susceptible to vibrations on hard turns… thus giving more traction, more control, better handling and performance for the driving experience.



Now… what will the E1 carbon fiber wheels going to cost you?  These will start at $12,000.00 for a full set.  ESE Industries offers a number of customization options.  From fitment to style.  Entry size on the E1 is 18″ and goes up to 21″ wheels.


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