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Product Review: Carbon Fiber VIS Racing Demon Trunk

Written and Photographed by Rebecca Nguyen

[dropcap style=”style1″]R[/dropcap]ecently I made the choice of purchasing the Carbon Fiber VIS Racing Demon Trunk for my 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX also known as the “Bananaru” through Snail Performance.  The Demon Trunk is complete carbon with a duckbill feature extended out at the top of the trunk in one solid piece.

Overall fitment is very precise and doesn’t leave any awkward gaps.  The duckbill feature follows the lines of my WRX very well and doesn’t awkwardly stand out.

Due to the weight difference between the OEM trunk and the carbon fiber trunk, I had to remove my trunk lid torsion bars to avoid the chance of the carbon trunk aggressively swinging open and cracking it.  There are two torsion bars and the left bar must be removed first. There is a lot of tension on the bars, so you’ll definitely need to be careful when removing them.  Also, make sure to have someone there to hold the trunk open, because once the torsion bars are removed the trunk will come falling down.  You can leave one of the two torsion bars on to keep the function of a free standing trunk.  However, I chose to remove both bars in order to avoid any sort of possible cracking or damaging of the trunk and also for better fitment.

I also had to transfer the locking mechanism from my OEM trunk to the Demon Trunk.  I had a hard time fitting the mechanism into the appropriate place and ended up having to cut out a small piece of the carbon trunk.  All in all the installation was fairly easy and only took about an hour.  I would highly recommend this trunk for not only looks, but overall quality of product.

Trunk duckbill

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