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Product Review: Cobb SF Intake System

[dropcap style=”style1″]W[/dropcap]hen I first purchased my used 2002 Subaru Wrx back in 2010 I knew that it was going to consume my car modding soul. The first thing I looked for when I opened the hood was something simple that could be bolted on in a matter of minutes. I noticed my stock intake was not looking too hot upon my initial inspection. So I set out to find something that I liked and would replace the beat up plastics and dirty air filter. Something that would possibly give me a small performance increase, and would have something to protect the filter from the elements since I tend to go off road in my Subaru quite often.

I finally found what I was looking for when I came across the Cobb SF Intake System. It has a large cone filter that is uniquely designed to smooth out airflow as it passes by the Mass Air Flow sensor and also helps to repel water away from being sucked into the internals of your ride. A bracket is included to firmly hold the new intake in place even in the bumpiest conditions. Lastly, it has a metal box that surrounds it to help further protect it from the elements and also prevent some heat transfer from the engine bay.

Installation of the box and intake goes on rather smoothly and simple. You start by removing the current stock intake system. Once you do this you place the new box in your engine bay and bolt it right on up to where there are already holes from the stock intake, then you bolt up the bracket on which the air filter sits. Last place the air filter into the hole through the side of the new protective box and secure it to the accommodating stock hoses in your engine bay and then bolt it to the bracket. After you make sure there are no intake leaks from bolting it up, you will place top the on the box and bolt it down. Over all setup time took me around 45 minutes start to finish.

I have had this setup on my car for 5 years now and it’s still holding up great. Even with all the spirited and off road driving I tend to do in my Subaru, it’s still going strong. Even when it does end up getting dirty from all the joys of owning my car. I can unbolt it, take it to my sink and wash it, let it dry over night, then bolt it right back on the next morning and its good as new. I however cannot say that I noticed any overall performance difference with it, since my car is not making high horsepower numbers.  I will say though, I did notice an audible difference of air flow noises when driving so I know it’s doing what it’s intended to.

In the end, I would certainly recommend this setup to any car lovers and spirited drivers out there. Since they do make this intake system for other makes and models as well. Not only does it look great, but it is built to last and does what it’s intended for. If you would like to purchase this setup, head on down to the JDMFresh folks located in the FreshOP store on Scottsdale road and Mcdowell.

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