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Product Review: Turner Motorsport solid Subframe Bushings

[dropcap style=”style1″]A[/dropcap] track car is a relatively simple dish made of the purest ingredients. The more stiff and lighter the better. Comfort and drivability get thrown out the window completely in exchange for faster lap times. Naturally, the aftermarket caters to track cars with the most rigid parts they can make.

What about for the street though? It always seems to be a tossup between too mild and too hardcore. Some people stick with mild, while others will bite their pride and put race car parts on their daily convincing everyone they are justified. I may or may not be guilty of doing the latter, but some things I can confidently swear by.

brian2Suspension bushings can make or break a vehicle figuratively and literally. Everyone has an opinion and it can become a gray zone as to what is good and what works. After having the subframe out of my E30 three times trying different bushings, I can say I am very impressed with the solution Turner Motorsport offers with their Solid Aluminum subframe bushings. 

Third time is always a charm they say and indeed, it was. The first set of bushings I had put on my car were of the soft polyurethane, rated for street use. While they were very fine bushings, my rear end felt like mush around corners and under the limit, I could literally feel the poly deflect, causing a slight snap in the rear end of the car. Not a desired trait in a car known for snap oversteer to begin with. I decided to go with solid, after much debate and it was by far the best choice I had made.

Turner Motorsport offers solid aluminum bushings for a wide application of BMW’s, new and old. CNC machined from billet aluminum, the Turner bushings are tight and snug. Mirrored in design to factory bushings, they require being pressed in, eliminating any potential room for movement and play. Bushings are fully serviceable and removable. Fit and finish on the bushings are top notch and well worth the asking price. Made in the U.S.A. being another redeeming quality.

This kit will literally make the sub frame and chassis one solid unit. While NVH is increased by a fair amount, it’s nothing turning up the radio can’t fix. I cannot stress how amazingly solid the car will feel after installing this kit. By far my favorite mod. My E30 not only handles more predictably at the limit, but also distributes power better and more evenly to the ground. What this kit does not do, however, is add discomfort. Ride quality remained the same. Be wary some kits on later cars will require some reinforcement to the chassis though. It should be noted that I have put at least 20,000 miles of street driving on these bushings with no signs of chassis stress or cracking.

Turner advertises their kits for track use only, but street use is easily tolerable. Bear in mind, this is a modification that compliments modified suspension and should be done as a later chassis modification. Head over to Turner Motorsport to find these bushings as well as other mods for many kinds of Bimmers.


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