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Restoring a Subaru WRX Wagon?

Restoring a Subaru WRX Wagon?

By Nicole James

From cats, to poop, to cars, YouTube is sure to have something for everyone. Think of the most random topic… I’m sure YouTube has a video on it. I recently stumbled across this gem, how to properly restore a Subaru WRX Wagon.

Jesse Bunting is our host as he shows us his passion for the Subaru WRX and his restoration of a 2003 Subaru WRX. Like many other cars, there are multiple forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the car with all sorts of people offering all sorts of advice. The finished product is awesome, but what I like most is the advice he gives fellow enthusiasts: When it comes to restoring a WRX (or, your car of choice) always do it how you want. Make the car yours.

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