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Retro New Wave: Ferrari returns to its roots with the 488 GTB

Written by Brian Brawley

Ferrari, a company very well known in recent years to be forerunners of planned obsolescence have done it once again in record speed. They just released info on their new, and upcoming replacement for the 458 Italia, the 488 GTB. While the 488 isn’t an entirely new model from the 458, much like the 348 to the 355, or the 360 to 430, it’s more an evolutionary change. Interestingly enough, Ferrari looked to the brilliant past in order to make their new model as cutting edge and innovative as ever.

As seen with the California T, it’s no surprise Ferrari has resorted to Turbocharging to meet performance and emissions criteria. As such, the new 488 derives power from a smaller displacement, turbocharged V8. Debut nearly forty years after the iconic 308 GTB, the 488 GTB is the first mid-engined Ferrari since the Legendary F40 and 288 GTO. Interestingly enough, Ferrari decided to name its new pony with the old naming style they used on their old V12 cars, using CC’s per cylinder rather than total engine size. GTB, Gran Turismo Berlinetta, is also derived from the days of the Berlinetta Boxer. What’s not historical, however, is the way this car moves. 661bhp and 560 foot pounds of torque are enough to make the strongest Enzo embarrassed. It’s been months since everyone has been raving over the 458 Speciale, in which the 488 boasts 64bhp, and 162 foot pound advantage over. The 488 dusted Fiorano at a cool 1:23, at least a half second faster than the outgoing Speciale. The 488, along with the new engine, will include the new Slide Slip Control 2 (SSC2) system, over 50 percent more downforce thanks to active aero, and fresh moustache-free fascia along with a new interior.

The full reveal of the 488 will be at the Geneva Motor Show, but so far it seems like a very promising package, and the first time in a long time to get excited about a new Ferrari. For now, though, enjoy the fresh and needed redesign. It looks miles better than the outgoing 458.

Photos courtesy of Ferrari.


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