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The Return of the Fisker Karma and Much More

The Return of the Fisker Karma and Much More

By Nicole James

After Fisker declared bankruptcy, the Wanxiang Corp., a Chinese auto parts giant, bought the company. The new owners promised fans they would get Karma production started as soon as possible. No Karmas have been made since 2012, but that is very likely to change. Fisker’s new owners are also promising that a smaller and less expensive model will hit the market in 2017.

No exact details have been made available about this ‘smaller and less expensive model’, but sources suggest that reference is being made to the Atlantic, a car that has only been seen in concept form. It basically looks like a smaller version of the Karma. The karma itself has about 250 ‘bugs’ that still need to be worked out before production can go underway. Wanxiang seems to be proceeding very carefully as they want to establish relationships with suppliers that extend beyond the life of the Karma. Essentially, they are looking at the bigger picture and the years ahead which is another promising sign for the Fisker enthusiast.


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