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Ride of the Month April 2014

Ride of the Month April 2014

Words By Nicole James

Photos by Joe Lombrana

Exactly 50 years ago today, the production Mustang was shown to the public for the first time inside the Ford Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair on April 17, 1964.

Initially offered as either a coupe or convertible, the Mustang’s unibody structure was laid over a 108-inch wheelbase and stretched out 181.6 inches from bumper to bumper. Its cockpit was pushed further back on the chassis, resulting in a longer hood and shorter rear deck design. It’s with those proportions, and detailed with such iconic touches as the running horse in the grille, the side scallops along the flanks and the taillights divided into three sections, that the Mustang became a car people were instantly passionate about.

Fifty years later, the Martoccia Family has been selected as our April Ride of the Month to honor a true American classic. With not one, or two, but three different mustangs that embody the true spirit of the car and its evolution.

DSC_3409Joe Martoccia is the proud owner of a 2008 SHELBY GT 500. He selected this car because he always loved the GT500’s. When Joe first got the car, he remembers “On the way to the bank to get the title signed, I got sideways on four lanes of traffic.” According to Joe, the original goal of the build was to take an already incredibly powerful car and make it even more powerful. His end result is to get 1000 rear wheel horsepower. Thus far, his Shelby is all garage built with the following modifications: Outlaw mufflers, side scoops, hood struts, and some chrome interior accents. The Outlaw Mufflers are Joe’s favorite modification to his Shelby so far. His future plans for the car include adding the Super Snake Package with the Kenny Bell Super Charger.

What Originally got Joe into cars was his son John. John’s 2007 Silver Mustang GT is also the first car to catch Joe’s attention.

DSC_3496John Martoccia has loved mustangs since he can remember. The first car to get his attention was a 1967 Shelby GT500 known by enthusiast as Eleanor. His very first car was a 2007 V6 Silver Mustang. After some time, he upgraded to a V8 in the same year and color. John chose this model because it is his favorite body style. While the V6 was all about looks for John, he began the build for the V8 with the goal of getting more power so it would be an 11 second GT. Like his father, Johns GT is garage built. His modifications to the GT include BBK Long Tube headers, catless ‘X’ pipe, BBK 62MM Throttle Body, Flow Master Outlaws, Four inch Cowl hood, upgraded torque converter, and GT500 Wheels with Nitto 285 tires.

His favorite Modification is his four inch cowl hood that gives his GT a classic and powerful look. The long tube headers are the mod that drove John insane. Future plans for his GT include a Super Charger and Nitrous Oxide. While his GT is his daily driver, he loves to take it out to the drag strip. One of his favorite things about his car is how the sound of that roaring V8 causes all his neighbors to come over and complain about how loud it is.

DSC_3364Lastly, John’s mother, Tracy Martoccia is the proud owner of a 1989 Mustang GT Convertible. Tracy picked this model because “back in 1989, it was one of the coolest cars on the road.” Tracy kept her 89 GT convertible stock until John got into cars, “Then we built it together.” Garage built, Tracy’s stang has the following modifications: Stallion body kit, BBK catless ‘H’ pipe, Magna Flow exhaust, SR Throttle Body, BBK cold air intake, and a Bama Tune. Tracy’s favorite mod has been her BBK catless ‘H’ pipe. Originally a wedding present from her husband Joe, Tracy has put in 25 years of love and dedication into her car. “It’s fun to see what it looked like then to what it is now.”

The Martoccia’s love of Mustangs goes beyond just ownership of three beautiful cars. They also are the founders of the Grand Canyon State Mustangs, a car club that was started in July of 2013.  “We wanted to start a group of people who love their mustangs as much as we loved ours.” Membership has grown to about 38 members.  “Joe, Myself, and our Son John started what we felt was going to be a great relationship between cars and people.” The group has young and older people in the club, and they do have fun runs, car shows, drag races, and much more.  “We are sponsored by San Tan Ford… They provide us with money that we need and offer fun things for our members.”

Grand Canyon State Mustangs also raise money for charity. “We have two charities that we sponsor, the American Kidney Foundation and the V foundation (cancer research).  We feel very strongly about our charities and most of the money we make in our raffles at car shows, and other things we do, go to those charities.” The Martoccia’s hope their club will bring awareness to what is important in life, “not just our cars, but the people we can help.”



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