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Ride of the Month Febuary 2013

Ride of the Month

February, 2013

By RJ Lane

Photos Joe Lombrana

Dragan Rasuo’s 1994 Toyota Supra has been catching the eyes of gearheads in Arizona for years now, and we figured we should share this beast. The Supra can trace its roots to the Toyota 2000GT and its inline 6-cylinder engine. It was first a sub model of the Celica, but in mid-1986 it became its own model in its now third generation. Dragan’s Mark IV Supra is one of the cleanest examples of this car still on the road today. Car guys always have a few dream cars on the brain, but not Dragan. He was at the drag strip one night about 8 years ago, and saw a Supra make a pass. He could not get over how fast and sleek it was and thought to himself I have got to have one.  Since that night he has not only got this beauty, but three more to boot. He not only got to own his dream car he has spares.

The original goal for this one in particular was to get into the 8 second range in the ¼ mile. He is not quite there yet, however the acquisition of a new Garrett GTX4202R turbo to go along with the already fully built block and heads with all HKS, Manley, and Wiseco internals will help get him one step closer. On the old turbo he was making 780 whp and 700 wtq, this new set up should yield numbers in the 1,100 to 1,200 whp range. To feed the motor with enough fuel there is a dual fuel pump set up that kicks in a secondary fuel pump when the boost gets over 15 psi. This is a true flex fuel set up, it can run on 91 octane or E85 and any combination of the two because of the sensor and the ability for the ecu to learn and adapt. The motor build and all the tuning was done by Tony at UMS Tuning. Dragan said “Tony is the old guy with all the grey hair,” if you need to find him. To keep all that power going to the wheels he has a RPS triple disk clutch and a stock, yes still stock, 6-speed transmission. The drive shaft is from The Driveshaft Shop and is rated to 1,400 hp.  To reign the beast in there are 14’ rotors 8 piston calipers up front and 13’ rotors and 4 piston calipees out back by K-Sport. Please don’t think this car is some show/trailer queen. Dragan drives it to California on a regular basis and takes it to the strip still. Thank you Dragan for your time and mostly for your passion for your car! If you do see this monster on the road beware, just like that Super Snake Mustang owner found out one fateful night in Scottsdale.

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