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Ride of the Month July

Photos and interview by RJ Lane

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  1. Name    Throttlebot  – Owners Joleen & Chris Amos
  2. Ride – 2011 Chevy Camaro RS Transformer Tribute
  3. Why did you pick this model         – I picked this model because I am a fan of American muscle and loved the design of the 5th gen Camaros. Plus I wanted to do a transformer tribute car.
  4. What was the original goal of the build     –              The goal was to create a show car capable of reaching a diverse audience which in turn allows us to generate additional revenue opportunities for the charity organizations we support.
  5. Shop or garage built – Garage built
  6. What mods – Razzi body kit, vinyl decals, hydrographics, Hurst shifter, custom lighting, Havoc Rims, Vertical doors, Custom RK true cowl hood, Airaid cold air intake, flowmaster custom exhaust, and several other aesthetic mods.
  7. Favorite mod – Hydrographics
  8. What mod drove you insane – Hydrographics
  9. Time put in to this point – 2 years
  10. What do you have to have in your car – show chairs to prevent long hours of standing in the sun.
  11. Future mods – IPF Supercharger, BBK Long Tube Exhaust Header System, Brembo Brake Upgrade, Boston Acoustic custom stereo with a special surprise!
  12. How do you play with your toy – Very carefully
  13. Fun story about the car – less than 50 miles on the car, I received the first of many tickets.
  14. Past projects
  15. What got you into cars – Family
  16. What was your first car – 71 El Camino
  17. What was the first car that turned your head – 69 Camaro!
  18. Dream car – 69 Camaro rally yellow of course!
  19. Shout outs – Sponsorers- Vertical Doors Inc, Razzi Ground Effects, Auto Aftermarket Concepts, 6A LLC, and CGS Hydrographics
  20. Please check out the Throttlebot on Facebook.
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