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SEMA 2015: First Impressions

[dropcap style=”style1″]I[/dropcap]t was the night before SEMA, and all was silent, awaiting the massive chaos to proceed for the incoming week. SEMA, or Specialty Equipment Market Association is one of if not the single largest automotive convention in the world. Home to anything and everything aftermarket in the automotive industry, SEMA is a playground for automotive vendors and manufactures to demonstrate upcoming products and innovations to the automotive industry. Two thousand and fifteen is a special year for the SEMA convention however, as it’s my first year going. Setting foot into those halls for the first time can be overwhelming to say the least, stimulating all senses while questioning one’s morality and judgement of character.

Our story begins with the road to SEMA, because life experiences are always begin with the adventure. SEMA takes place in the beautiful Las Vegas and as such, the road there is a long one. Transitioning from the less than smooth Arizona roads to the sub-par roads of Nevada comes as a bit of a shock. Las Vegas is a gritty and unforgiving city. The roads lack painted lines and instead are lined with little bumps, colored according to their designated jobs. Lane positions become confusing and traffic conundrums even amongst the locals become squabbles as horns constantly blare obscenities to inattentive ears.

IMG_9118-01_wmAs I drive along, the little colored gremlins in the road lead me to the sheer chaos of petrol mecca, a place sure enough to cure any symptom of erectile dysfunction. The size of the SEMA show and the Las Vegas convention center can only be measured on the scale of tolerable foot pain. Navigating the labyrinth on a day where most vendors are still setting up their exhibits of large wheels, wide body flares, and polished radiator caps proved to be daunting, despite there being a fraction of the amount of people expected in the coming days.

SEMA is certainly not for the faint of heart. The machines that grace the halls are garnished in the most extreme of aftermarket equipment, holding no punches and using every tactic possible to attract attention. As I ascend up the automated staircase to heaven, a lone E30 M3 draws my stare, reigniting the excitement quelled inside me that subdued just moments before. It almost seems out of place, lacking the large wheels, chrome wraps, and sitting height acceptable enough to actually be driven on public roads. SEMA is a show and show cars it has in spades.

With this only being the first day here, and the day before the show actually begins, this week looks to be an adventure to say the least. It’s my first rodeo at SEMA and it just might be yours as well. Stay tuned for many updates from myself, and the rest of the CSJ crew.

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