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SEMA Spotted: Slammed and Stanced

[dropcap style=”style1″]W[/dropcap]hile being at SEMA, you’ll notice easily that every car here is special in its own way. Honestly just about every car stands out to me. I finally made my way to our friends at the DUB booth outside. Of course, like every year, there are cars that draw crowds and this year, the booth was dominated by Liberty Walk vehicles.

Mainly when I think of Liberty Walk my mind just pictures the LB Kit on a super cars, well not this time. The DUB booth has a LB kit on a Mini Cooper. This car caught my eye out of all the cars they had, mainly supercars too. I’ve always liked Mini Coopers. They are nice and small, but roomy. They are also quick, not fast, but quick. They are an amazing all around. Plus this LB Mini was also right hand drive. It was my first time seeing a RHD Mini, and this model was a tiptronic making it super fun to drive and super easy to learn.

The DUB booth also had a kid’s size, power wheel style, Mini with an LB kit on it as well. This kid’s car actually had a lot of detail. The stanced wheels, manual shift knob, plus wide body kit, but the cherry on top was that it also RHD. I was impressed.

Just goes to show, do your car the way you want it. Be different. For all you know it was to be a beauty like that one!

Photography by Matthew Fink

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