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SEMA 2015: Tanner Faust

[dropcap style=”style1″]S[/dropcap]EMA 2015 opened its doors to a huge crowd of buyers, manufactures, vendors, and even celebrities this Tuesday morning. The energy is high, as the main hall is flooded with unveilings and fresh innovations from all the big players. The Odyssey Battery booth drew huge attention with pro racing driver and Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust.

Foust is in Las Vegas for the final Global Rallycross event, looking to settle the championship along with Scott Speed.

Tanner was catering to fans taking photos and signing autographs. Car Street Journal was able to meet with Tanner among the chaos and ask him one simple question: What’s your favorite car to drive? While it “depends on the day” Faust replies, “I really like the GT3, 991. The standard one, not the RS.”

You can see more of Tanner in action Wednesday November 4th at the GRC race in Las Vegas.

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