SEMA 2016: Vossen Private Gallery

Vossen is known for having awesome marketing strategies that engage the automotive community! Topping last year’s Vossen Sky Lounge, where they unveiled their collaboration with Work Wheels, was the Private Gallery. Vossen looked to get back to the Main Show Floor in 2016 but maintain private feel that the Sky Lounge brought. They accomplished that feel this year’s booth.

The Private Gallery immediately caught the attention of the crowd as from the outside, it was a closed off booth with an entrance and an exit. Walking through the entrance and down the hall into the main booth was a walk down memory lane. The walls showcased a year by year history of Vossen and it’s mile stones. Along with the history, guest were encouraged to sign their names to add to the celebration.

Once in the main booth, you walked into a 360 view of their wheels along with some new interactive software. The Vossen 3D Virtual Garage (, was an interactive wheel configurator that allowed you to select your car and modify it with different Vossen wheels!

The wheels, the memories, and the full service bar made the Vossen booth one to remember!

Words and Photos by: Hans Marquez

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