SEMA 2017: The Devil’s in the Details


With it only being my second time at SEMA, the show can be daunting in more ways than one. With my nerves calm and my head cooled this time around, the show can still be overwhelming. The venue is large and the builds even more so. There really is something for everyone here. Whether it’s large obnoxious trucks, derelict hot rods, glass-flared supercars, or smooth muscle cars the car in the next booth will always be bigger and badder. The detail in some of the builds features are the result of thousands of man hours and one off parts, and quite frankly it’s all a little too much at times. So how does one find grounding in such a sky-high atmosphere? Well… As they say, the devil is in the details.

While it might not be the lush and vivacious paint, or the many miles of finely bent turbo plumbing, it’s the simple and clean cars that ground me, and ironically enough stand out from the crowd of trillion dollar builds. I come to this conclusion after I think about how star struck by the new LS500 F Sport in the Lexus booth. Now realize this is simply the new LS500 lowered on a reasonably nice set of rather large wheels. No snakes under the hood, chrome shocks, or LED lined wheel arch flares, just a stock car lowered reasonably on some wheels. It’s the kind of thing one can reasonably appreciate in between tiger-striped Porsches and Mopar swapped Pri’ii (Priuses?).

So what of this LS500 F Sport? Well in SEMA fashion, it’s wrapped in a nice and soon to be unclean matte white. It’s sitting on a very nice set of HRE 22-inch wheels. It has a modest 3.5 liter V6 with twin sub-wooshers. It has ten whole speeds in its trans box, and it has lovely swooshing lines that wouldn’t look out of place on a Friday night at the Sizzler. Somehow the alien razorblade grille and sporting good logo headlights look pleasant and fit the car. The rear end of the car is pure sex, and puts me in a mellow mood, and the whole thing just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like a Lexus shouldn’t. Maybe that’s why I like it so much? The LS500 and the LC are cars nobody would really expect from silly old boring Lexus, but I digress.

Back on topic, the only way to keep Zen while at SEMA is to find your ground, your earth to return to and ground yourself. For me, that grounding came in a not so beige package.

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