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SEMA 2017: The road to SEMA


As you’ve seen from coverage in the past, the SEMA Show is a beast of an event! The week long event that goes from October 31st through November 4th happens in the heart of Las Vegas in its very own Las Vegas Convention center.

We happened to luck out! Having a bit of a logistics issues prior to the event we had only a few days to find new accommodations for our annual trip. Luckily, through some solid hotel searching and deals, we scored a nice hotel just walking distance from the event!

It was around 1:30am on November 1st when we were finally able to get on the road.  Running on no sleep we decided to power through to make it in time when the SEMA registration opened. However, knowing we’d be starving, we made sure to get some breakfast in Vegas’ famous Peppermill located on the strip.

With a stomach full of bacon, eggs, and coffee, we headed towards the hotel in the hopes that we could at least park there until we could fully check in later. Again, we had lucked out. As I asked the front desk about our request, they were kind enough to let us check in a mere eight hours early! Our good fortune continued and on we went to the convention center to check in.

Upon arriving to The SEMA Show, we were immediately energized, forgetting that we had almost no sleep. At this point in our careers we remained calm and collected as the plethora of awesome builds surrounded us. We had to remain focused if we were to ever make it to the media center. At around 7:15am, we got our badges and we were ready to roll.

It’s now 1pm. Our first impressions of the 2017 SEMA show are so far fantastic. We have been able to cover most of the center hall and saw amazing booths, builds, and products. Best of all, we were able to connect with some of our industry friends.

A big thank you to our friends over at Mustang Dyno, Turbo by Garrett, JDM Sport, and Eneos. We look forward to seeing many more of our industry friends and continue to bring you coverage from the 2017 SEMA Show.

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