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SEMA After Parties- COBB Tuning

SEMA After Parties- COBB Tuning
When SEMA shuts down at 5PM…. The SEMA after parties start and are hosted by some of the top names in the automotive industry.  With many of the manufacturers renting out clubs at some of the best hotels on the Las Vegas strip, SEMA goes who are lucky enough to score an invite are sure to have a good time. And of course and open bar is generally a given.
One of our CSJ staff members had the pleasure of stopping by the COBB Tuning party Tuesday night. They rented a mansion for the week in an unsuspecting neighborhood. It wouldn’t be a legit SEMA After party without some awesome cars, and our CSJ reporter noticed a Porsche GT3 parked right in front of the door. After being greeted by the COBB Tuning staff there was plenty of swag up for grabs and given to every guest. Just inside the expansive estate, was the dance floor where lights shined from the bar. Bottles were stacked high and ready to be poured. After some additional exploration of the mansion they stumbled upon the a banquet-like room with the food that was catered. A giant round table was filled piled high with pot stickers, meatballs, stuffed mushrooms and more.

Members of COBB mingled with the various guests that consisted of tuners and shop owners that sell COBB Tuning products.  This was not a crazy event where the typical “Vegas” shenanigans occur, however is was a social networking event and a chance for COBB Tuning to thank their shops and tuners.

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