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SEMA Spotted: Rusty Slammington

[dropcap style=”style1″]T[/dropcap]his car is a little special to me. It’s not the crazy bodywork, faded sponsorship, or even the stanced out racecar look that’s dropping everyone’s jaw at the SEMA unveil. You see, I’ve been following this hell-bent E28 known as Rusty Slammington since its humble beginnings before any spot of rust touched that gorgeous little black Bimmer.


This crazy E28 has a reputation on the BMW message boards. Fans either love it or hate it, and the humbleness of Mike Burroughs, the owner, only stirs more controversy. To understand how and why this car is so radical, one has to understand the history this car has gone through. The last time this car was seen before the unveiling, it fell victim to a garage fire. The car was burned down to the bare chassis. While everyone on the message boards deemed the car a total loss, Mike saw through that this car would be rebuilt. This E28 had become more than just a car to Mike, despite having an E36 build with more time and money invested, the E28 held more love and memories. Before the garage fire, this car had gone through several transformations. From having more rust, less rust, a 1JZ-GTE swap, a bath coating of used diesel oil, and an accident with a truck leaving the drivers A-pillar destroyed resulting in a chopped top Rusty Slammington has been a change through evolution.

As the car sits now, in spirit of Group 5 and Touring cars of old, the S38B36 sits front-midship, with half the engine sitting inside the cabin. The seats are padded with bare steel while the car is garnished with a fully built cage. Cradled in the rear is a full racing fuel cell while the front is home to coolers of all kinds. The wide body on this car harks back to the BMW E21 Group 5 touring car. Key features of Rusty remain, like the WWII fighter style shark livery, rusted bodywork and chopped roof. The devil is in the details though. Mike has a knack for crafting fine details in his build. The liveries and sponsors on this car are faded, as if they have been resting on the bodywork for decades.

Rusty resides in the H&R booth at SEMA this year. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by and see it for yourself.

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