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SEMA Spotted: Vossen

[dropcap style=”style1″]V[/dropcap]ossen has been a company that strives to deliver excellence. The passion behind their wheel design truly shows what love they have for the automotive industry and lifestyle.

When Team Vossen got the word that driver set to deliver this beautiful Prior Design BMW 650i on Vossen Forged VPS-306 wheels to California quit, with only two days till Bimmerfest 2015, they decided to fly out Diego and Sam from their Vossen Team to Pensacola, Florida, to pick up the car. From there they drove the car cross country to Los Angeles in less than 2 days, stopping along the way for the much needed photo ops.

Two thousand miles and 35 hours of driving later, the BMW’s debut was ready to go at Bimmerfest in Fontana, California. With the many miles driven, the team decided to leave the car dirty to demonstrate the events that happened during that drive.

Lucky for us, we got the chance to see the car at this years Sema Show in Las Vegas.


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