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[dropcap style=”style1″]C[/dropcap]runch time is up and it’s time for The Specialty Equipment Market Association, also known as SEMA. SEMA started in 1963 with just a couple organizations getting together to show off their newest and improved products. Over 50 years later, SEMA has become one of the biggest Automotive Trade Shows today.

Yesterday was Media Preview day at SEMA. Being the biggest go to after market event in the U.S.A. every car is eye candy. Just hearing the loud exhaust rev and an ocean of cars feels like heaven. I’m not a big fan of gasoline, but with the smell of race gas and you know you’re around some powerful cars.  Every car is special in its own way. Special as in motor builds, show cars, sponsors, or being the best of their kind.

Sadly we were limited to outside cars and were not allowed into the halls yet due to exhibitors still setting up. But from what I saw outside I’m already excited to see what today has to offer. There were all type of cars from all around the world. You have your lifted trucks, slammed super cars, kit cars, off road, rally, classic, hot rod, and so much more. Liberty Walk showed up with some surprises. Not every kit they offer is for a supercar, featuring a Liberty Walk Mini Cooper.  Being at SEMA for the first time is super exciting, but can be overwhelming. So much to do, so much to see. But with Media Preview day over i can already tell this is going to be a great week.  Also our September Ride of the Month, Brian McCann’s fully build 350z will be at the PasMag Booth and competing to win their competition. Stay tuned for info on how to vote.

Photography by Matthew Fink

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