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Summer Time Sadness

Summer Time Sadness

By Rebecca Nguyen


Summer time sadness?  Who else is sick of that song?  Unfortunately, it’s almost like the anthem of those that live in Phoenix, AZ. With rising temperatures, here are a few things you need to do to avoid those summer time sadnesses.

Tires.  Safety is always more important than comfort.  The psi in your tires is heavily affected by the temperature.  Avoid any kind of tire failure by checking the psi (under inflated, overinflated), the condition and alignment.  Failing to maintain these factors will also affect your gas mileage.

Hydration.  This not only applies to your self, but your vehicle as well.  Check and change your oil and oil filter.  Avoid overheating and keep your motor hydrated!  If you change your own oil and or oil filter make sure to recycle!  Do not dump the remaining waste into a drain or bin.  Bring it to an auto parts store or a local retailer that recycles.

De-winterize. For those of you that live in Phoenix, AZ you don’t have to worry about “de-winterizing” your car.  However, for those that live in those snowy areas, make sure to transition your vehicle from it’s winter set up to summer.  Get rid of those heavy snow tires, rinse off any salt or magnesium used to melt snow, and check all fluid levels.

Hoses and belts.  With the rise in temps hoses and belts made with rubber tend to become dehydrated and start to crack and leak.  To keep those fluids going to the right places and keep your motor from overheating, make sure to visually check belts and give those hoses a slight squeeze to check for cracks.  Hoses should be firm and the typical place of failure is usually at the ends of the hoses where they connect.

Windshield wipers.  Yeah, yeah.  It’s the desert.  We do still get rain.  It’s actually a more dangerous rain than anything else.  Monsoon season in Arizona is dangerous due to it’s quick attack and Arizona’s lack of defense.  The rain falls quickly, sometimes for days, and the drainage system in some parts of Phoenix don’t do very much.  Flash floods are common and hard to see if you don’t have a good set of wipers on.  The heat prior to monsoon season tends to warp your blades and diminishing its effectiveness.

Brakes.  At any point in time brakes are always something to be maintained.  Again, safety is always number one.

Radiator and coolant.  Antifreeze levels definitely need to be checked to keep the motor from overheating.  Check underneath your car after it’s been parked for a decent amount of time for any pools of coolant.  Make sure your hoses, belts and fans are all functioning correctly.  Sitting in traffic raises the risk of overheating due to the lack of air flow.

Battery.  Any extreme temperature will affect your battery.  Keep the terminals clean and make sure that all connections are secure.

AC.  Keeping yourself cool and capable of operating your vehicle is a must.  It’s recommended to have your AC inspected and recharged at the beginning of summer.  Make sure to have this done by a professional!  AC compressors are NOT CHEAP!  Also please make a conscious effort to refrain from leaking freon because it is very destructive to the ozone layer!

Remember folks!  It’s a dry heat.

Photo by LoganThirtyacre

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