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A Super Car Assassination

A Super Car Assassination

By Nicole James


Since last Friday, a Lamborghini, two Audi R8 Spyders, and a Bentley have been torched. The owner, 19-year old Aleem Iqbal, who calls himself Lord Aleem, blames jealous rivals for the arson attacks. Aleem Iqbal owns and runs a luxury car rental firm with his father in Birmingham. After leasing out a new Lamborghini Aventadore Roadster for a wedding last Friday, it was set on fire just hours later outside of a house in Luton, Bedfordshire. CCTV recorded three men pulling up to the house at around one in the morning in a Mercedes and dousing the car in gasoline.

After the incident, Aleem had this to say: “ I’ve had half a million pounds worth of cars destroyed in the last few days. I’m not sure if it is an attack on my family because they would have come directly after me or my family if that was the case. However I do believe it could be the vile act of jealously towards my business or it could just be mindless vandals on an arson spree. Either way, one thing is for sure they will be caught and when they do I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show because they will be going down for a long time.”

After the attack, Aleem said: “Fortunately the driver was in the house at the time but this could have endangered lives, there could have been dead bodies. These arsonists really don’t know what they could have caused. When I was told about what happened I felt the ground beneath me move.”

Aleem said it has taken “a lot of hard work and effort” to get the family business get where it is, adding: “We cannot take a loss of £340,000.”

In regards to the Lamborghini, he said: “I thought it would be toast but the passenger seat and dashboard is damaged so hopefully we should be able to get it back onto the road within four weeks.”


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