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What makes a Subaru… different.

By Javier Contreras

Fuji Heavy Industries, better know as Subaru, has always done things a bit different.

1958_Subaru_360(1)For starters… in 1958 they produce the Subaru 360. In JDM land it was called the “Ladybug.” The 360 featured an air-cooled, 2-stroke inline 2-cylinder 365cc engine mounted in the rear. This beast of a motor produced a whopping 16HP. The car itself weighed in at 900lbs and with a 0-60 trap time of 37 seconds. Talk about gas mileage for days!

This was a the daily due to the great compact size, economical gas mileage and affordability. 10,000 units were sold in the US from 1968-1971 with an original price tag of $1,297.

Next up is the Subaru Sambar. This one is a bit more fun. Production started in 1961 and available in [...]

What was HOT at Hot Import Nights

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, Lark Hensman, and Justin Manley

Cars began pulling into the Phoenix Convention Center around 11 Am Saturday morning for HIN – Hot Import Nights. The whole center was buzzing with pre show activities like vendors setting up booths, and drivers polishing up their cars before the public laid eyes on them, and before the cars were judged.

At 5 Pm the public was let into the building were they could look at all the amazing cars. DJ’s were playing music while models walked around posing with different cars and dancing on stage. Dev made an appearance at the show preforming several of her songs.

“This has definitely been one of my favorite HIN’s I’ve been at in a long time.” Said Alex Lopez, owner of Skyprint Media. [...]

Metro Meltdown hosted by Desert Street Scene

By Nicole James

Photos by

Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, Jake Hensman, and Eric Skaggs

Located at Metrocenter Mall next to the Castles and Coasters amusement park was the Metro Meltdown hosted by Desert Street Scene. It was their first event with high hopes of many more to come. Among the car groups to show up was JDM Fresh, Car Street Journal, Lowballers, Stang up Fam, Fresh Grocery Getters, Stoopidlow, Team Aftermath, AZlancers, Roundbutt vs Squarebutt, Team Swat, NvUS, Tymeless Autosports, Pf. Club, AzDimes, Team sr20, Team Kaotik, Team Rev-up, Southwest Challengers, AZ Maxima, Swift, AZExiled, and Tokyo Tacos. Winners of Different categories were unannounced to the public, however sources say drivers where given trophies if they won and will have photos up on Desert Street Scenes’ website. In the meantime, check out CSJ’s awesome photos from the event!


KSportUSA and Bondurant School Car Show, Go Kart Racing, and Drift Exhibition

By Nicole James

Photos by

Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, and RJ Lane

Many car enthusiasts have been to what is now called The Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway, but how many of us have been over to The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving within the complex? Sure, we have all seen the Bondurant cars, but today the school was open to the public.

With about two and a half weeks’ notice and information only spread on Facebook and by word of mouth among the car community, this KSport and Bondurant event had a great turn out on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.  Admission was free, and car enthusiasts were able to park their cars on the Bondurant Schools Main Skid Pad. For $20 per race, people [...]

Suspicious Garage BBQ

By Lark Hensman

Photos by Hans Marquez and RJ Lane

This past Saturday Suspicious Garage hosted another annual BBQ in conjunction with the Elevens’ Paint & Fiber. It’s a gathering that happens towards the end of summer that many in the valley look forward to every year. It allows one to hang out with good friends, food, family, and cars. As the music from the DJ booth fills the parking lot you are able to mingle with a menagerie of people and check out the work that the boys have done over the years. Many of the cars that have been worked on over the past year show up to let everyone get a peek at the great work these two shops provide. This year Efrain from Suspicious added a little twist to the BBQ by setting up a full blown yard sale of car parts in the garage [...]


GoodSpeed Performance Lab

Photos and written by RJ Lane

Joe Morell and Jon Firpach are car enthusiasts that saw a hole in the auto aftermarket and performance game. They started GoodSpeed Performance Lab with the principal of providing the auto enthusiast a knowledgeable and trusted environment to get aftermarket performance work done. The goal was to offer their clients the kind of value and service that most other industries provide. In the performance auto world there are many levels of “shops” from I know this guy that works out of his garage to we need to charge so much that value isn’t even considered any more due to overhead. GoodSpeed does everything in house, except bodywork, to aid in keeping their costs down for the consumer. They also provide information, bordering on a cars 101 class level of education; to the customer before, during, and after the building process to include the customer and [...]

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